I tried to get into the Gillingham building to do some editing today and it was locked, a receptionist in the Medway buyilding informed me that the Gillingham building is never open on weekends. Weren't we told we could go in on Saturdays? I might have got this wrong, maybe we were told that we'll be able to go in on the weekends once it's been sorted out, I can't remember correctly. Anyway, does anyone know any more about this?


I think Tim, Ian etc. are working on it.

John - My understanding is that access to the Gillingham building and to the newsroom exists between 0900 and 1500 on Saturdays. I have never had any problem getting in and I am surprised that you were denied access. Let's talk about this on Monday. I am very sorry you were inconvenienced and I will do everything I can to sort this out fast.   

Weekend access to Newsroom