To start with what is BEEF?..... 


For those of you who are totally clueless I have copied the the definition here: Beef. to have a grudge or START one with another person.


The funny thing is that when most of us beef its just a war to see who can get mad for longer and you eventually have to have that eye ready and make sure that you are slaying so that when they pass you by you feel a little victory.


I have had many beefs but they are mostly with people I really love and it hurts to stop talking with them for a second. We've all been stupid but I will address the process and product of being the beef winner....

 1. If its a misunderstanding then there is bound to be a big argument which leads to beef type 1

(a.k.a raw beef)


 2. If somebody has been getting on your nerves and you keep them in a cooler (bottle it up)

and you cant take it any more and you just stop talking to them. The problem with this beef is that the other person vice versa starts to wonder what they've done. (overcooked beef)


3. This beef is when you are just a hater and beef for no reason (uncooked beef)


4. when there is a fresh argument and the friendship is on the verge of break or repair and you don't talk and wait on the first apology and there is clearly a fault owner who doesn't believe they are at fault or are too stuck up to say sorry (hot/freshly cooked beef)


The link within all these 'beefs' is that there is a grudge taking place and sometimes you are wasting your anger on a beef whereas you anger can be used positively as a change or a motivation.


Don't get me wrong you can argue but holding a grudge is hard work.

 Either settle or tell your beefee that you need time to heal and you can't talk right now because it will begin to eat away at your happy time.


You spend time being angry instead of you recuperating and being yourself your thinking of good comebacks in case there is war (We have all done it). So stressful.


It is so much fun, I have to admit, I love the drama.