I was going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy again for the fifth time last night when I found myself distracted. Like a 4-year-old with an iPad full of Peppa Pig episodes, I spent hours locked on my screen.

Asking a fine upstanding gentleman what he does on the internet for 3 hours could be risky a question (obviously not for me) but to put your fears to rest I was creating a playlist.

No, a mixtape.

Mixtape sounds so much cooler than playlist. These days playlists take a couple button presses to create, whereas back in the day when Lil Pump and Baby Shark weren’t a thing, a mixtape was an art form in itself. With the painstaking process of stopping and starting your tape recorder and swapping out the tapes, it carried far greater meaning than with today’s technology. So instead I decided to give myself the laborious task of finding as many great songs from before I was born (2000 to make you feel old) and creating the ultimate playlist. Or Mixtape. Playtape. Mixlist. Somesongsthatithinkareokaylisttapething.

From Prince to Michael Jackson, the King to Queen, T’Pau to Bob Dylan, even Frank Sinatra, I’ve collected some honestly quite random music and put it all in one 12 hour playlist. If you want to listen to it I’ve put the Spotify link at the end. Don’t judge me, please.

By now you’ve probably realised that I’m one of those insufferable (normally old) people who think old music is better. And you’d be right... to an extent.

There are plenty of great songs out there today but there are very few artists that are even close to the likes of Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis, or Freddie Mercury in terms of both popularity and talent.

As I’m writing this there’s only one artist in the top 10 I actually like.  I want to introduce you to this artist but you must promise not to judge my musical tastes.

This is the point where you realise I’m a 13-year-old girl.

Billie Eilish, who herself is only 17, has already become a global sensation being described by NME as the most talked about teen on the planet, garnering an army of prepubescent fans including the slightly less prepubescent Dave Grohl, formerly of Nirvana, who likened the hype around her to that around the Cobain-lead grunge band in the 90s.

If you haven’t heard her music it would be best described as moody alterrnative pop; a balance of a sweet innocent voice, atmospheric tracks and a no holds barred, often witty and twisted approach to darker topics.

Here’s a playlist of the songs I think are worth listening to.

Part of her appeal is her gothic aesthetic, that although not totally uncommon if you were to go to any secondary school, is uncommon in today’s music scene. When you have the innocent-looking (and sounding) Arianas and Shawns someone with an actual edge to them in the charts is refreshing.

Prince always had his frilly collars, Jackson had too many iconic pieces of clothing to count, and Bowie never looked the same from one day to the next. All of the legends of music had a look, a signature style, something to set them apart from the hoards of mindless one hit wonders.

I’m not saying Billie Eilish is or even will be a legend, she’s only released one EP, but I don’t see why she couldn’t have a very long and successful career given the talent she has demonstrated at such a young age. 

I do admittedly have an infatuation with alternative female singers, but I do think that word alternative is a perfect way to describe her and is part of why I like her so much. She isn't just another Disney channel cookie cutter popstar. Perhaps in a few years time, I will be made to look silly but her forthcoming debut album WHEN WE ALL GO TO SLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is certainly the most excited I’ve been for anything to come from a pop artist since Doo-Wops and Hooligans in Year 6.

For my sake, just as much as hers, I hope the album is great because at the moment she’s the only one tying me to my generation's popular culture.

I don’t want to have to listen to how Drake loves bad female dogs or how everyone hates Taylor Swift to maintain a connection with my contemporaries.

Based off of the album's first released single ‘bury a friend’, which was released on the 30th of January, Eilish doesn’t look set to disappoint as she really ramped up the dark eerie tone of her previous work paired with a horror film of a music video.

She released a second single yesterday ‘wish you were gay’ which has already reached 5th on YouTube’s trending page, and she’s performing at the Shepherd’s Bush today and tomorrow so if you can afford to spend £200 on second-hand tickets I hope you enjoy the show. If you can afford two my DMs are open.

If you don’t have more money than sense, and you're not easily scared, then perhaps her chilling music videos will be more suiting. Although they are eerily similar to my GCSE photography project... I’m on to you Billie.


WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? comes out on the 29th of March.

As you go ignore my musical wisdom and go back to listening to six-nine Takeshi’s castle or Kendrick “Anna” Lamar please remember that real art does exist so give my playlist a try.

Shuffle for the best experience: https://open.spotify.com/user/1188649727/playlist/4ts8x1cw3JtZxR2HFQ3TxL...

12 hour listening period is not recommended. Side effects may include mood swings, dance induced dizziness and heightened musical taste. Listener discretion is advised.


Why I’m actually a 13-year-old girl; Pop stars, Peppa Pig and Prince.