Convergent Journalism 2
Last Speaker: 
I believe that my piece is newsworthy because it is covering an important local issue with regards to both the local economy and local culture. My story is very specific to Kent and Medway in particular and is therefore a very important story and something that locals would be very interested to hear about. I wanted to speak to Councillor Irvine because he is one of the key individuals from Medway Council that deals with trying to generate tourism and visitors into the area, plus he is a member of the Medway Tourism Association. It was also important to hear from Mr Woollard because he directly represents the area with regards to tourism, as a part of his role as Tourism Development Officer.
Presenter Cue: 
"Medway saw a record number of visitors to the region last year, with over 3.3 million day visitors travelling to the towns in 2012. Sam Thompson investigates just why Medway was so popular in 2012, and what will be drawing them in this year…"

Why was Medway so popular in 2012?