I have always been in favour of the royal family. I believe that the goodwill they garner is more than worth the tax we pay. In fact we even make money off the royal family's estates, weddings and important births. The Prince's Trust also does some outstanding work with the underprivileged youth in this country. http://www.princes-trust.org.uk/. Like it or not the royal family is one of the most recognisable features of this country and many would have it stay that way.

For these reasons I was not particularly phased with the publicity that Prince George received around his birth. He is, after all, likely to be king one day, assuming we still have a monarchy by then.


But then Kate went in to labour a second time and the media became awash with scenes of and around the hospital as we waited for news of the birth. One reporter was literally speaking at about 80 words per minute, just to fill in the time spent waiting. This in the heat of the election cycle.


Now of course it is news to some extent and deserves reportage. It would be strange if the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge were spotted in two years time with a mystery child. (Oh Lottie? Yeah I had her a couple of years back, I've had twins since then.) However It was by no standards, as important as it was made out to be, and for me personally, it made me re-evaluate the way I viewed the position of the Monarchy in this country.


Despite the good they do as ambassadors of this country they are still little more than celebrities. They are like an even posher version of Made in Chelsea. I would hate to think that I am missing out on important information because Caggie or Lucy had a child that has little bearing on my life, so is it ok because this child has a title?



I guess my opinion now is that as they are a big part of the country, shown by the people who stood outside the hospital all day, their news will always partially be our news, but I wish that we as a nation could get a bit more perspective as to what's important. At the end of the day, woman literally had a second child.



A woman gives birth, again.