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Convergent Journalism 2
Pitch, research and write a feature article for a publication of your choice. It must be a real publication. Your feature must be a minimum of 800 words long, but could be as high as 2,500 or more, depending on the word counts commonly used by your chosen publication’s feature pages. Produce an appropriate layout for your feature that follows the editorial and design style of the publication. You may not be able to use precisely the fonts used by your publication, due to restrictions on the number of fonts available on the newsroom computers, but you must try to find out which fonts the publication actually uses for body copy, captions, headlines, standfirsts etc. (Call or email the subs’ desk to find out - although note that not all magazines will give you this information).
You must source (or produce) pictures and/or illustrations that also reflect the style of the publication. You may use picture libraries to source your images, but note that you might not be able to get hold of high-resolution copies without paying for them. If this is the case, use lo-res versions in your layout – but you must also discover how much the images would have cost to buy if your publication was using it for real. There's a list of picture libraries here.
As usual, a significant portion of the marks will be for the quality of the reporting and writing of your feature. You will also be marked for how well you have targeted the magazine’s audience, for the style and quality of your headlines and for the technical accuracy of your layout.
You must pitch your idea to  me first, following the pitching guidelines I have outlined in earlier sessions. Upload your pitch to this web site by Wednesday 18 November, 5pm. (Create content -> create assignment -> assignment pitch.)
Your finished pages must be saved as pdfs and uploaded to the Assignments section of the Centre for Journalism site. (Create content -> create assignment -> print assignment.)
The deadline for the finished piece is Wednesday December 16, 5.00pm
Marks available
Pitch: 10
Targeting of magazine's audience: 10
Overall content of feature: 20
Journalism skills: 30
Layout and typography: 15
Grammar and writing style: 15
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