The roles for this Friday's assessed print newsday are as follows:

Editors: Paige Aldridge, Dan Crook, Cecily Snowball

Executives: Alex Norman, Clara Easthill

Assessed reporters: Jade Edwards, Nathalie Evele, Michelle Gleaves, Helen Grimes, Cian Hodge, Uzoma Jemade, Rebecca Lawrence, Amy Nickalls, Sanam Zeb, Sophie Wentworth

News team: Jasmin Sahota, Victoria Polley, Katie Palmer, Ola Ojuko, Stine Wannebo

Editors should come to see me for a briefing as soon as possible.

You'll be producing an evening newspaper containing a combination of local, national and international news, which will print at 5pm on Friday.


Do people on the news team also have to write stories? Or are we just running the production side of things?

Members of the news team should expect to do a bit of everything, as directed by the editors. It would be very wise to come prepared with stories and story ideas that you can deliver.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Year 3 assessed print newsday roles