This year for the first time we are going to spend the two hour Year 3 Convergent TV session on how to script, shoot and produce character-led films. Films that will be a somewhat similar length to your third year project, if it's for TV.


The book we will be using will be Videojournalism for the web, by Kurt Lancaster. This book is available in the library, and explores how some newsy TV and web films were put together. 


You could take a look at the films before the class. Links for the films:



Narcocorridos and Nightlife in Mexicali 

By Travis Fox and WIlliam Booth



Crisis in Darfur



The Recession-Proof Artist

By Jigar Mehta

Alexander Conner is a interdisciplinary artist continuing to make his art despite living on $12,000 a year.



Class dismissed in Swat Valley




Addicts Latest Victims of Drug War

By Travis Fox


Redefining China’s family: Women


Year 3 Convergent TV class