The initial project supervisors for Year 3 students are as listed below. Note, however, that some students will be transferred to Lee Kenny when he returns later in the month. Please make contact with your supervisor as soon as possible to discuss your pitches.

Student Supervisor
Jenna Kaye Rob Bailey
Danny Rust Rob Bailey
Gemma Josa Rob Bailey
Lauren Meechan Rob Bailey
Ben Kosma Rob Bailey
Ali Iveson Ian Reeves
Vinesh Parmar Ian Reeves
Sarah Boast Ian Reeves
Cecilie Trodal Tim Luckhurst
Adrien Serre Tim Luckhurst
Abi Nuttall Tim Luckhurst
Jackie Gordon  Tim Luckhurst
Andrae Akeh Tim Luckhurst
Conor Diggin Richard Pendry
Charles Wagstaff Richard Pendry
Monica Samia Richard Pendry
Sheryll Goddard Richard Pendry
Abi Morris Richard Pendry


Year 3 project supervisors