Understanding Radio

In preparation for Wednesday's class on the Principles and Practice of 
Convergent Journalism, please listen to both of these programmes/programme segments.

The entire edition of The World Tonight, Tuesday 2 March, 2200 – 2240, BBC Radio 4. BBC Radio 4 can be found at 92-94 FM in Medway, on digital and online.
The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 5 Live between 0800 and 0830 on Wednesday morning. 5 Live is on 909 and 693 MW, on digital and online.

In both cases, listen with a notebook on your knee. Record the name of every correspondent, reporter and contributor who appears. Identify every example of wild-track, music, effects etc.  Identify each programme item. Is it live or recorded? Is it an interview, a discussion a package or a bulletin piece? Keep your notes neat, accurate and detailed. You will need them.



Year Two radio class