Course Module: 
Shorthand theory

These two passages are a little longer to test your staying power at 40wpm.

Before taking down, practise the following word groupings:

there was, in the, town centre, it was, leave the, had been, there are, to have been, from the , at the, at least, of the, to the, affer the, they have been, have had, they have had, and the, have been, will be able to, I am sure, that they will be, I am, tell you, that this, is to, at the, we shall, a lot of, to have, so that the, of the.

NOTE:  "after" can be represented by a full a, "centre" by a  c written through the word before it, "local" by a c below the line.

Special outlines:  Hospital (represented by hsp), business (bs), company (co)


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Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

2 passages at 40wpm