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MA Practical Multimedia Journalism

I want you to create an online feature presentation based on one person's story. It could be someone's life story, or it could be the story of one particular event, a journey they took, or a dramatic episode in their life. It could also be a profile of an interesting person's business.

Your subject can be anybody you like, except for close members of your family – parents, siblings, grandparents. Look for people who have interesting, dramatic, emotionally-involving stories to tell. Or people whose experiences over the span of their lives can put wider issues of social change into human perspective.

Your feature must contain some video. It can also contain still images, audio and text.
You must not use music unless you are clear that there are no copyright issues affecting its use for a public audience.

There are several options of platforms on which to create your piece. We'll be looking at several of them over the next few weeks.

Whichever method you use, you should be giving careful thought to the narrative structure, including deciding how much control you give to the reader over the order in which the story is told.

If you choose Flash, your presentation should be 550 pixels wide if you want it to play within the main story area of the CfJ web site. If you'd like it to be wider, come and talk to me. I will happily help with any technical issues if you don't leave it too late to ask.

There are no rules governing the overall length of the piece – or of individual elements within it. But you should take into account a web audience’s likely attention span.

Marks will be awarded for:
your choice of subject – have you identified an interesting person with a story that will hold the attention of a web audience?
your ability to get them to tell their story in a compelling way
the technical quality of your video and audio
the style and grammar of your text or messaging
the way you have constructed a user-friendly and accessible narrative structure

Specifically, the marking structure will be:

Overall content: 10
Journalism skills: 30
Technical qualities: 20
Narrative structure: 20
Grammar and style: 10
Understanding of principles: 10

The deadline is 5pm on Thursday 7 April.

Make sure you identify and establish contact with your subject as early as possible. I'll be happy to advise you on your choice of subject.


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