The combined print news day for years one and two will be held on Friday, February 1.

You will be creating a 20 page evening newspaper in the style of the Daily Mail. It is a regional paper, with an eye on national and international news. Deadline is 5pm.

Editors will be Ian and myself, although some of you will be called upon to deputise. Roles will be sorted out at each team's first conference next week.

So, without further ado, here are the teams...

Rob's team

Mhairi Beveridge

Carlo Boffa

Lauren Clarke

Rikki Clarke

Lydia Diechmann

Lydia Hamilton

Emily Magdij

Josh Morl

Declan Olley

Kirsten Ringelmann

Christine Stokes

Dan Sampayo

Charlie Wahl

Kieran Watkins

Paige Aldridge

Daniel Crook

Jade Edwards

Nathalie Evele

Georgia Fry

Helen Grimes

Uzoma Jemade

Alex Norman

Amy Nickalls

Victoria Polley

Jasmin Sahota

Linyuan Zhu


Ian’s team

Matt Charles

Jem Collins

Laura Griffiths

Rebecca Lawrence

Josh Margrie-Rouse

Clarissa Place

Molly Pike

Mara Podaru

Jack Reed

Lola Sole

Sam Thompson

Bill Topping

Chris Walker

Ben Wright

Nageen Anwar

Clara Easthill

Michelle Gleaves

Cian Hodge

Zeynep Karabuda

Danielle Lowe

Olamide Ojuko

Katie Palmer

Cecily Snowball

Stine Wannebo

Sophie Wentworth

Sanam Zeb

Print news day teams and details