Almost half of students surveyed thought the University's nightlife was bad, but that didn't stop three first-year students from being arrested outside the Medway campus on Monday night - for charging into bollards.

The trio, who had been drinking in the campus pub Coopers, spent the night in a cell after their booze-fuelled antics. Dan, aged 19, who was one of those arrested, described the experience as "brilliant".

However, other students paint a less exciting, more sombre picture. Just six per cent of the 16 participants surveyed by Journalism undergraduates described the nightlife on offer as "good", while just under half (44 per cent) rated it as "bad". The other thirty one per cent didn't express an opinion.

A sense of division was detected in the respondents' answers, and helps to explain the largely negative view of night time entertainment. Azher Iqbal, 27, a mature student studying Pharmacy, said there were "divisions between the Universities". Edele Barnett, a 20-year old Marine Engineering student, also spoke of divisions between the Kent and Greenwich institutions.

Views were also mixed on the facilities on campus. Azher was particularly scathing when asked about the gym. "The gym facilities are out of the 1970s," he said. Edele also bemoaned the lack of books in the library for some subjects, but admitted that the computers were good, if a little bit slow.


Being 'semi' local I understand where these people are coming from. True, the nightlife in Medway isn't great. In fact the only place I would recommend is probably the Tap and Tin. But I wouldn't get your hopes up too much about that place, it's brilliant if you love guys in stripey shirts and scarves and girls seemingly dressed as sweet wrappers or curtains. Lets not forget the HUGE sunglasses... inside... at night. 

Also the reputations of places like Chatham, Rochester and stretching further out, Gravesend and Dartford doesn't really help either.

I would suggest that Maidstone would probably be your best bet to be honest, personally I don't go there much because of the AWESOME hours that I work and distance can prove an obstacle when sometimes it is easier to just stay local! But there are a few places around there, a lot of people from Canterbury end up there too as far as I understand it, well most of my friends from Canterbury do anyway.

I personally tend to stick to what I know which is Gravesend, Bexley and Bexleyheath so I am afraid I won't be much help for directions if anyone does decide they want to venture a bit further.

Chin Up! It'll be fine. 




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