Councils and their efforts to restrain the Press

All journalists should know exactly what their rights are to attend and report council meetings.

Not just because it's where good stories invariably come from but because the media is the public's watchdog and plays a crucial part holding democratically-elected decision makers to account.

How to make friends and interview people

Social media could be the antidote to "churnalism", allowing time-constrained journalists to juggle multiple contacts and interviews without leaving their desks, according to the editor of the North Wales Daily Post.

Alison Gow has written a blog post challenging the concept of churnalism as defined by Nick Davies in his 2008 book Flat Earth News.

She will also talk on the subject at the free Polis journalism conference being held at the LSE on Friday, April 5 - which will be well worth checking out for any students who have cleared their end of term deadlines a day early.

Kent Messenger jobs

A wave of recruitment is continuing at the Kent Messenger, which is advertising reporting jobs in Maidstone and Whitstable.

The jobs would include producing stories for print, online and radio. The deadline for applications is April 1. As you have come to expect, NCTJ prelim exams and a driving licence are both required.

It would be a perfect first job for anyone about to graduate with a BA or MA. Applications by email (a cover letter and CV) to

And, in the spirit of objectivity, I should mention that other jobs are available. Anyone about to graduate should by now be a regular visitor to Gorkana, Press Gazette, Hold The Front Page, and The Guardian.

CNN favours accused rather than the victim - Steubenville case

For a major news source, severely biased news is one way to get disgruntled viewers and depleted credibility. CNN has recently learned this the hard way.

After two young men were convicted last week of raping a 16 year old girl at a party in Steubenville, Ohio, CNN covered the horrific case; however their sympathy was not placed on the young woman who experienced unimaginable suffering, but the budding sports stars who ruined their lives after they raped someone at a party while she was passed out.


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