Gideon Skinner Research Director IPSOS/MORI crunches the numbers 7th March

When Stephanie Flanders gave the Bob Friend Memorial lecture she said 'the boundaries between politics and the economy have become blurred'. 

We saw that when Norman Lamont John Major's chancellor pulled Britain out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).  The Tories previous reputation for economic blow was dealt a fatal blow.   It took years to recover.  The simple fact is that economic competence or incompetence shifts votes.   

Why it pays to attend council meetings...

I've sat through enough town hall meetings to know why people - especially students - ask why we bother (a question I readily concede I have asked myself a number of times).

Here's a good example of why it is worth it.

Some elected members have a tendency to forget they are speaking in public forums and suffer from the something that  can afflict us all - the-foot-in-mouth-syndrome.

And sometimes we are grateful they suffer such lapses.

2013 Sky Bob Friend Memorial Lecture

Stephanie Flanders, Economics Editor of the BBC will deliver the annual Bob Friend Memorial Lecture in the Pilkington Lecture Theatre at 7pm on Thursday, 28 February, i.e. this Thursday. Before Stephanie speaks, Neil Dunwoodie of Sky News will award the 2013 Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship to this year's scholar, Georgia Fry.  Previous Bob Friend Scholars will also be in attendance.  This is the most important public event in the Centre for Journalism’s calendar.  Our established tradition is that every student, undergraduate and postgraduate, should attend.  Dress code is smart/formal (i.e. as you dress for news days). I look forward to seeing you there to celebrate and share in Georgia’s success and show our gratitude to Sky News and the Friend family. 


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