Scottish Politics

Have a look at this piece by Michael Crick from last  week's Newsnight about the Scottish budget row. It gives a good sense of what happens in a coalition system which depends on proportional voting. We will be covering that in more detail next week as well as talking about devolution later in the term.  

Polar opposites

Whilst Britons are enjoying days off frolicking in the snow, our Australian counterparts are suffering in the oppressive heat. Although the weather down under has eased off in the past couple of days, the country has seen its longest heat wave since records began. Areas such as Melbourne in the South-East, normally known for their rapidly changing cooler weather, have been particularly badly hit with temperatures of over forty degrees centigrade during the last week.

Timed writing test postponed until next week (Tuesday Feb 10)

You'll all be very relieved to hear that your timed writing test has been postponed for a week. I know part of a journalist's skills are to be intrepid in the hunt for stories and information, but you are hereby officially let off. Meanwhile in sunny Whitstable, there has been a terrible slaughter of snowmen: bodies of dying and half-melted humanoids with carrot noses and pebble eyes litter the garden like the aftermath of some terrible ice battle.

Congratulations from the Dean

I want to congratulate all the staff and students at CfJ. Of course Alan McGuinness should be particularly proud to be the inaugural Bob Friend scholar and we are all proud of him. However, the rest of you all played a part in his success. You have all contributed to the rapidly growing reputation of CfJ. It is that reputation that convinced Sky that Kent is the best place to find a suitable recipient for the Scholarship. The email from Rob Kirk shows that they know they made the right decision.I have been delighted by all I have seen at the Centre.


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