Modern day Domesday book

Being an Anthony Gormley fan, a snow-capped photograph of his "Angel of the North" sculpture averted my recently opened eyes and I hastily looked down to the text below it.

A website is trying to obtain a photograph for every square mile of the British Isles. The site recently received its millionth submission, with over 1000 a day since its creation. With only the remote parts of Scotland being un-captured, the creators are perhaps just moments away from achieving their seemingly impossible idea.

Video journalism map

Press Gazette asked me to take look at the state of video journalism on regional newspaper web sites for a piece in its latest issue. (It ain't pretty, generally speaking - although I can't link to the piece directly because of PG's rather 1990s practice of not posting magazine content on its web site). To tie in with the piece, I've created an interactive Google map designed to highlight some of the good video stuff that's being produced by newspapers around the world.

Gaza and herding tigers in dense fog

Finding thoughtful news about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is harder than herding rabid tigers in dense fog. The temptation to give up is powerful, which is why many people in the UK imagine this is a simple case of good versus bad. A lesson I learned while working in the region is that some (not all) of the best commentary and analysis is written by journalists who live there. I turn to two English language titles in particular: the Lebanon Daily Star ( ) and the Jerusalem Post ( ).

Anthr nw yr rslshn

Now that I am suitably recovered from the over-indulgence of the past two weeks, I have made a New Year resolution to provide you with some variation from the tedium of speed building and have now got as far as the second revision exercise covering Teeline B (see Module notes).


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