The council rich list - a town hall scandal - or something else?

The Taxpayers' Alliance has established itself as a high-profile campaign group dedicated to shining a spotlight on public sector spending. On Friday Jan 23, it published its lastest survey of how councils are apparently spending too much of our/your money on middle managers. Our version of the story on kent online can be seen here. You can see from the readers' comments that this kind of thing touches a raw nerve among some. Are they justified?

Gunning for journalists

Following the news that Alexander Lebedev, new owner of the Evening Standard, has armed reporters on his newspaper in Moscow, Richard has written a piece on the issue for Comment is Free. He mentions Geraldo Rivera, the idiotic pistol-packing American TV 'reporter whose ludicrous television packages from Iraq and Afghanistan broght shame on the profession - but unfortunately I can't find any YouTube footage that does justice to his true awfulness. 


For those of you who thought audio vox pops were just something you get sent to do as a student exercise for convergent journalism, have a listen to this fine example of the genre from John Kay of Radio 4's PM programme. This was the lead item on the programme last night.


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