The Magic of Radio

 Radio MicrophoneThis term in Convergent Journalism you will learn the rudiments of radio news. Richard will do most of the teaching, but he has invited me to share some thoughts about the magic of radio in an introductory lecture. Sorry, but I've agreed and I'd like you all to do something in advance to help me/yourselves.

The dog days of Dubya

As George W.Bush prepares to leave office, journalists are starting to reflect on the legacy he will leave.

The 43rd occupant of the Oval Office has been doing his best to shape that legacy, giving a number of media interviews, including his final press conference this afternoon, where admitted that mistakes had been made during his tumultuous 8 year stint in power.

Trouble for citizen journalism pioneer OhMyNews

On the face of it, the news that one of the world's pioneering 'citizen journalism' sites is ending its payments system for contributors could be seen as good or bad news for the industry. On the one hand, the decision by OhMyNews could be taken as proof that consumers don't particulary value content from what was largely a workforce of enthusiastic volunteers with no formal training in journalism. Best leave it to the professionals, right?


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