Iraqi shoe guy: the latest

Truly, this is a story with legs. Also feet. And more seriously, the broken bones of the shoe-thrower. 

It is also the only story I can think of with an element of surreal silliness that involves George W Bush and the people of Iraq.

There are so many elements to savour it is hard to know where to start.

What about the supporter who wanted to put the shoes into a museum, only to find out that the shoes have been destroyed in the course of testing them for explosives?

Christmas blogging

I'd like to keep the site ticking over during the Christmas break, so am proposing a New Labour-style package of measures to stimulate the blogging economy during those bleak, lesson-free weeks. So I'll be offering music vouchers (itunes or an alternative) for the following:

Into a Closed World

The top leader in today's Times celebrates the Justice Secretary's decision to open family courts to reporters. This is a crucial reform, long overdue and of significance to all who care about freedom of speech and a journalist's duty to hold power to account. Of course, the main beneficiaries will be families, for whom future risk of serious miscarriages of justice will be diminished by the new transparency. Ah, I'm giddy on the oxygen of truth.


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