Who killed Woolworths?


There must be something special about Woolworths. At least that is what I am being told and, since I somehow managed to live through a childhood deprived of "pic'n'mix" and the likes, I can only guess what it is that turns the closure of a store chain into something of a national tragedy.

It is a busy Tuesday morning in Woolworths' Chatham branch and the shop's aisles are buzzing with customers in search of a Christmas bargain, with at least a dozen queuing at the tills, their arms heavy with sweets and toys.

Ode to Woolies

Contrary to what the pundits would have you believe, Woolworths does indeed have a niche. It’s one that’s very close to my heart. In fact, after Somerfield, Amazon and First Great Western I’ve probably spent more money at Woolworths than anywhere else since I started this course.
That’s not to say I love pick ‘n’ mix (I don’t like sweets) and I certainly never browse beyond my aisle of choice. But for me, Woolworth’s has been a refuge from the relentless newsy-ness of this term so far.

The reservation on The Spanish Front - Valentine Cunningham

There's a copy of this book at the Maritime Greenwich campus but it's reserved until the 16th of december or something. I was wondering if it's anyone on this course and if so whether I'd be able to have a look at it some time this week. Cheers everyone, good luck!

First December- Swap Shop

On monday The Environmental society are holding a swap shop event from 12-2pm in PK107, The Amnesty International society and the RAG society will also be there. The basic idea is to promote these societys but more importantly the aim of The Environmental society is to prevent as much 'stuff' from going to landfill as possible.


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