Casualties among NATO forces in Afghanistan continue to rise and public support for the British military deployment there is not secure. But Afghans themselves seem increasingly pleased with the international intervention in their country according to an opinion poll commissioned by the BBC, ABC News and Germany's ARD. This excellent piece by Allan Little in the Afghan city of Herat explores the reasons for their optimism. 


This was a worthwhile poll: and will probably surprise most British people.

it's a good reminder that perspectives on a situation can be very different.

However, when Alan says at 0153 that 42 per cent of Afghans blame the Taliban for the current violence, the graphic refers to the "Afghan government and the Taliban". Then he says, "Only 17 per cent blame the Afghan government and their NATO allies." At this point the graphic changes to read: 17 per cent blame NATO for violence.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this doesn't appear to make sense.



Afghan Paradox