I'm  following the Eurostar debacle  because I'm trying to get on one. Interesting to see Twitter and Facebook emerging in this breaking story as a strong complement to traditional media. TV and radio bulletins break news performed well but as this article explains,  for passengers arriving at St Pancras over the weekend looking for detail and minute by minute updates,  social media were the way to go. With GCSE French, you could even follow the progress of a mob of passengers who forced themselves onto a train in real time. This article looks at why Eurostar was so slow to use their existing social media outlets.


I potentially could have been the first reporter on the scene for this, but alas my Eurostar was the last one to run before they all broke down. However, I can still report that already that Eurostar train was having problems, as it was forced to run at reduced speed upon exiting the tunnel into France and then many of the doors were unable to open upon arriving at the station as they had frozen shut. 

I too have been following the story with interest, but sadly with almost no internet (expensive internet cafes), without a great selection of local tv stations and with the English papers always arriving a day late, it is hard to follow from the french Alps. 

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As hundreds of Eurostar passengers languish, Eurostar ignores Twitter