This excellent article by Joe Joseph in the Times puts the murder of Iranian philosophy student Neda Salehi Agha Soltan in an appropriate historical context. Let us hope she did not die in vain.


A good article and an interesting read, thanks for posting it Tim.

On the subject of Neda's death, I read this piece in the Guardian today. It seems the footage of her death will be one of the most memorable images of the turmoil in Iran.

 What I find interesting is that such graphic images are becoming "acceptable" in the media. Iran has produced some shocking images that not so long so ago would have been frowned upon and unpublishable.


When I forked out ninety of my best English pence to purchase my own newspaper.

I thought the article was really well written but whilst I was reading it, I couldn't help but think that it won't amount to anything more than a chilling reminder of a lost cause. Of course, I hope i'm wrong.

It is quite a disturbing picture and I agree with Becci that probably even a decade ago, that sort of image would be considered too graphic to be published, especially when the article highlighted that it represents a video showing the last few seconds of her life.




At the moment it does look like the protests won't achieve much: according to the Guardian council the election result won't be annulled, and the irregularities that were found were not 'major'. Plus the number of people protesting has been declining as the authorities have clamped down on the protests.

However the crisis is far from over and there are, I think, some twists and turns still yet to be played out.

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