Legendary Sun editor pays his respects to hot new online student news outfit.


As good a read that was, I'm getting bored of reading about Oxbridge students and how great they are/how they're going to take all the journalism jobs... Let's take Cambridge down over Christmas with our own website?

There was an article on CiF deploring its cheap u-turn on their equivalent of page three. Were you really planning on working for tabloids anyway, Becci?

And, also, have you read any of it? I just read a rebuttle to the piece on CiF I mentioned, in which as self professed 'feminist' seeks to justify their 'Tab Totty' by saying they're generating debate.

She then deplores the fact that her article will get fewer hits "because there are no tits on show," saying: "but that is just the reality of the society we live in."

Way to challenge the zeitgeist, guys!

Yes, I've read it a few times - which is why I suggested we made our own version. It'd be more fun. It doesn't have to be terrible just because it's a "tabloid".

Lighten up, Jon. Shall I put your name down for the first page five model? Page three is so last year anyway.

I am sure you can give the Cambridge Tab more than a run for its money. That's why I drew it to your collective attention. You know more about reporting and you have more highly developed multimedia skills. I think a version based in the Centre for Journalism would be a tremendous way to enhance your profile on the national scene.  But I do caution realism about one aspect: the students who produce the Tab have not done it because they are rich or privately educated or benefit from any other alleged class advantage. In fact the editorial team is large and diverse. They have made a mark  by investing effort, energy and ability in the project. You will beat them by being better journalists.    

Don't be too dismissive of the tabloids, John. They have some fabulous journalists working for them. Some of whom even know how to spell rebuttal (ahem!).

As for Becci's idea... I think you should definitely go for it.  I'm sure you could all show the toffs a thing or two.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

I predict that none of the people writing for the Cambridge site will end up working for a tabloid paper.

And that the ones that don't get jobs in law, the City or their chosen specialism will find a job at a quality news organisation.

It's largely about getting noticed and as Becci says the Cambridge crowd have been rather successful at this so far. I think Becci's suggestion about a website is great. Way to go.

I'm expecting the usual wall of silence here, but is anyone up for giving it as go?

"They have made a mark  by investing effort, energy and ability in the project."

Ability probably won't be the problem, I don't think anyway. I rekon we rock for the most part. But like with the magazine, there are only a few people at this stage willing to participate (which is utterly up to the individual).


Honestly, anyone can write something in the space of a lunch break. It's not going to swallow up all your time.

So the list consists of myself, Rob and Alan. My "lazy list" is a bit too long. Can I add any more names on to the first list? Because we all know it will be a huge fail if it's only three people working on it.


"Lazy list" is a bit unfair since many of us actually have got a lot of work to be getting done which takes priority. However I would be willing to jump on board if it goes anywhere.


I'm aware of the amount of work we have. Realisitically though it doesn't take a lot of effort to contribute, does it? Besides, after Christmas we have more free time as we would have finished Power without Responsibility. I don't see why we can't use this time to update a website.   

I also think you may have taken that comment a little too seriously.

'Kelvin MacKenzie ate my paper'