Following the news that Alexander Lebedev, new owner of the Evening Standard, has armed reporters on his newspaper in Moscow, Richard has written a piece on the issue for Comment is Free. He mentions Geraldo Rivera, the idiotic pistol-packing American TV 'reporter whose ludicrous television packages from Iraq and Afghanistan broght shame on the profession - but unfortunately I can't find any YouTube footage that does justice to his true awfulness. 

However it did remind me of a bizarre project in which a Northwestern University team tried to develop an automated video newsreader, using videogame character Alex Vance from Halo2 as the template. Have a look at this clip and you'll see why.


Aw, the strange sense of humour of gaming geeks. With a few tweaks this is how we could inspire the younger generation to watch the "boring" news. Or maybe this shorthand practice has just made me loopy.

In regards to the Guardian blog - own up guys, who wrote that glowing report on CfJ staff - "The University of Kent has some journalism lecturers who actually know something about journalism and that makes it rarer than rocking horse dung"?

Don't mean to be pedantic, but Alex Vance is from Half-Life not Halo.

Anyways, that is pretty bizarre.

Gunning for journalists