Cue: Medway students have been complaining the university library, has wrongly spent 200 thousand pounds on books.
Wednesday’s centre for journalism newswire website featured students complaining the money would have been better spent on car parking or a swimming pool.
Story: University
VO: Has the University of Kent spent 200, 000 pounds on the wrong thing?
Centre For Journalism report this week claimed that money earmarked for books would be better spent on numerous other projects.
Sarah Root of the University’s Drill Hall Library is in charge of spending the money.
She claims that there was no alternative; the money had to be spent on books.
Sarah Root: This money this 200,000 pounds is part of a strategic investment fund and it’s just part of a larger pot of money. In fact we really haven’t had much to do with that strategic investment fund, the moneys been given to the library and we’ve been told how to spend it.

Library cash only for books