2019 Sky Bob Friend Scholarship - applications in January

Sky's Sophy Ridge, presenter of Sophy Ridge on Sunday, will deliver the 2019 Sky Bob Friend Memorial Lecture and present the 2019 Bob Friend Scholarship  in the Historic Dockyard Church on Wednesday 6 March 2019. First, of course, we must select a scholar.  So, there will be a detailed briefing for students who wish to compete for the 2019 Sky News Bob Friend Scholarship on Monday 14 January at 1300 in the main newsroom. 

This is a unique and immensely valuable opportunity open to undergraduate students in the Centre - first, second and third years. The winner will spend a month long, fully funded placement at Sky News. They will also receive a £3,000 contribution to their tuition fees. Beyond these rewards there is, of course, the prestige and glory of being a member of the tiny and highly select band of Sky Bob Friend Scholars.

Not ballet, not jazz, not modern but Chinese dance

2019 is right upon us, for me, it just reminds me of the fact that it has been ten years since Chinese dance came into my life.

Almost one decade ago, I first set my foot into the dancing school in Hunan, China. My path was originally planned to stick to dancing, which was the greatest passion of mine back then, but the intention to be a dancer was intercepted 3 years later. Ever since then, Chinese dancing and I have grown further and further apart. 

The day-to-day drain of Misophonia

As many of you know, I’m not the most talkative in my University classes, so I thought I’d talk about something more personal to me in this blog post.

Loud crunching, lip smacking whilst eating, tapping really loud on a keyboard, snoring and even breathing heavily. Most of these sounds would probably get rather annoying to anybody after a while. For me, however, the majority of these sounds are completely and instantly unbearable.

Living in a house has been great so far - not

It is actually fun, don’t let my blog post mislead you.

When we chose the house, its location was an important factor. After careful consideration, we clearly made a good decision: only a 2 minute walk from the Gillingham weed corner, 5 minutes from where all the stabbings happen and you might have to walk down to the other end of the High Street, but it shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes to get in a gang fight if that’s what you fancy on a Friday night.