Luxurious holiday destinations are still real places!

When we think of relaxation and peace, we think of sunny holidays in beautiful places around the world. A bleak contrast from the rainy grey England that feels a million miles away from luxurious holiday destinations. However, something I think we are all guilty of not putting at the first of our holiday itineraries is respecting the indigenous populations of these holiday destinations. Places like Hawaii, Bali, Bahamas, Puerto Rico are not just picturesque sunsets and beaches. They don't just exist for holidaying and comfort.

Liverpool's fate rests in Steven Gerrard's hands

To say I support Liverpool FC is an understatement. The passion, the excitement, the dread. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of anger. This is a football club I have been following since I was seven years old and it's because of one man - Steven Gerrard. From posters on my walls to reading his autobiography, I idolised the Liverpool captain as a role model. He is so passionate about Liverpool and his team that it inspired me to start watching their games. I am now nearly 22 and I have still been watching ever since.

Clare Hollingworth: Journalist and Feminist Icon

As a fearless war correspondent and powerful force in women's broadcasting, Clare Hollingworth has carved her own way into the field of journalism and left a lasting impact on both her field and world history as a whole.  Most notable for her work on broadcasting the early signs of the outbreak of the second world war, across her career Hollingworth remained at the forefront of her field, and often directly in the action.

Climate change: Our lifestyle to blame, not carbon dioxide

We have to start living a human life should the human race continue living on this planet. I am talking about climate change, and yes it has more to do with our way of living than the emission of carbon dioxide, methane or any other greenhouse gases.

Technological advancements have been offering alternatives, but what we do not see or are reluctant to acknowledge is that often a solution to one problem gives rise to another. Here is a video where researchers provide technological solutions to global warming and then discuss the complications that may arise out of them.