As capitalism struggles with its internal contradictions (copyright K.Marx) it seems that Britain's daily newspaper for communists is bucking the market. The Morning Star, which once used to survive largely by virtue of a huge order by the Soviet Embassy, is hiring new staff and investing in increased pagination. I hope it does not use them to run banner headlines about tractor production in Tashkent and the evils of alienated surplus labour value a.k.a. profit. Funny? Peculiar? Ironic? I note that the new success owes a great deal to subsidy from supporters, but all the same, it is hard not to celebrate  good news in these straightened times. Marx might have called it inevitable. You can read all about it here (you have to scroll down to below the story about the Europa Hotel in Belfast, but that is worth reading too)


What has the left's reaction to the financial crisis been? Surely this should be the heyday of all opponents to liberal free-marketeering, but the only message that seems to be coming from the left is "we should've listened to Vince Cable".

There's been no challenge to the prescribed narrative, ie: this was a result of the lack of regulation (triggered by sub-prime mortgages in the US), therefore the solution is: more regulation. After an initial 'hooray' celebrating the end of capitalism, the left ceded the ideological battleground to this explanation.

And so, following the deepening of national debt and a lengthy recession, what's going to be the result? Business as usual.

I think you mean 'prescribed,' John. Proscribed means forbidden, excluded, taboo.... 

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Comrades, the future is red