The Newsroom - Another piece of fiction based on journalists to be marked 'Misconstrued Stereotype'

I got the chance to preview the highly anticipated HBO series The Newsroom the other day. Created, produced and scribed by Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network), The Newsroom portrays the behind-the-scenes events in a fictional television newsroom and features an ensemble cast, including Jeff Daniels as news anchor Will McAvoy. It'll be hitting our shores on Sky Atlantic next month.

Tinker Tailor Soldier...Journalist?

I've finally got round to writing up my experience of the Tinker Tailor Solider Spy premiere which took place last month. It's an attempt to show you what happens at one of these red carpet events and how even in a controlled environment it can still be tricky to perform your job as a journalist. I've also embedded several interviews I managed to get with the cast and crew of the critically acclaimed film. You can find all that wonderful stuff here. Enjoy!

Writing Opportunity

As you may or may not know from various Facebook statuses, I have been promoted to the editorial staff of and like all good editors I need some amazing writers. Which means you guys.


Daily Mail following the path laid by Twitter?

 In the last few weeks, I've seen more super injunctions than I have easter eggs. In fact, the courts seem to be dishing them out in such a manner you wonder if they have indeed confused these binding laws for egg-shaped confectionary.

But with today's news that a user on Twitter has revealed most of the names that have been quietly associated with recent injunctions, it seems a few journalists have taken the 'sod it' approach to reporting on these stories.

Not-so-Secret Diary of a Cool Guy

 Any of those first years struggling for inspiration or just generally wanting a few minutes off from doing their Sky treatments this weekend, check out the little diary I did while at Sky documenting all the wonderful things I did. I said in the little talk I did (that was criminally unattended) I'd whack it up for all to see so enjoy.


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