Very good luck to everyone in the Centre for Journalism who is involved in coverage of the general election count tonight. Election 2010 has turned out to be an intriguing contest, and I am proud that so many students are helping to report the results. In our representative democracy, few duties are more important than conveying accurate information about the political process to the electorate. Fast, accurate reporting of results is crucial. I hope it goes well for everyone involved.

On important occasions like this journalists can prove our worth and demonstrate that, contrary to popular myth, it is entirely possible to do important work  fast and well. A good reporter knows that, when covering an important news story, a job worth doing is worth doing fast. Quality and speed are not enemies. We work quickly and accurately because we understand that our work provides a public good.  So, to those covering Kent constituency counts for the KM Group and Sky News and everyone at the KM and the Independent, have a good Election 2010 and please keep cuttings, links etc. for our records. I'll be on air at BBC Radio Kent overnight and on LBC's breakfast show in the morning. It should be fun.   


Good luck with election coverage