Tips for Daily Mail applicants.

Anyone thinking of applying to the Daily Mail trainee scheme circulated by Anastasia recently? Don't rely on luck. Read these valuable tips by Peter Sands, he knows his onions and has, at sometime or other, interviewed over 900 applicants for the Daily Mail. It's an interesting and educative read for anyone about to apply for a job in journalism and highlights some ghastly mistakes postgrads make in their first contact with a potential employer and what is, a very competitive industry.

Good Luck?


I asked the powers that be if it was possible to set up a live feed for our TV Newsday on Friday and was answered with a very resounding no. I have seen live streaming before from places like St Paul's Cathedral and the Occupy movement there but, my question shot down in flames, tail between my legs, I never thought much more about it. Until I found my notes from that cold evening at St Paul's which reminded myself of the name of the program that the protestors were using: 'Livestream'. So...

Fancy a line?

Absolutely gobsmacked by an article about the lawless drug situation in Mexico.

I was aware the trouble has made the headlines more than once over the past year; 35 bodies being dumped in the middle of a motorway in Veracruz in broad daylight; 27 found decapitated on a farm in Guatemala; Acapulco, once a top holiday destination for the rich and famous witnessed 900 deaths this year... the list goes on.

Prophets of destruction

Anyone who passionately feels they want to become a 'conflict reporter' should seriously read this article about a forthcoming film documentary "Under Fire" on the subject of war reporting and the psychological effects it has on those at the Front-Line.

It states that "Only 2 journalists were killed covering World War 1. Almost 900 have been killed in the past two decades."


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