Here's an opportunity some of you may be interested in...

WIN a place on an expedition to a beautiful lost world! 10 students will journey to Mount Roraima, Venezuela, to join a critically acclaimed film crew (including BBC Planet Earth cameramen) to shoot a broadcast quality documentary about Mount Roraima. The film will then be premiered at the Royal Geographical Society in December 2010.


Students who would like to win a place need to raise funds - the three people who raise the most by the beginning of July are automatically taken on the expedition to help shoot the film and the remaining seven students are selected through a prize draw...for every £100 raised a student gains an additional entry, so if a student raises £50 they get one entry, and if they raise £150 they gain two entries etc. 

They are also invited to attend the premiere of the final film at the Royal Geographical Society once the film has been produced if they raise £250 or more and they gain an internship with one of the projects Environmental & Conservation Partners if they raise over £1,000. 

Check out for videos and more info.



 For me as a travel addict this just sounds great. It's a pity no one has come across this earlier.. the 30th of June is apporaching too soon =/ thanks for posting it though, Paul :)

Wow this looks absolutely amazing!! Paul do you know when the project began? As surely if it has been around for a while people will have been able to raise a lot by now...

Thanks for the link Paul.

 It began in January this year, so I guess other people raised a lot of money. =/ I am still gonna try! So, if you decide not to take part, please donate some money ;)

 ... I thought about this again. Travel addicts never give up..

If I get at least 200 people to give a pound that would be good. More than that: even better!

Anyone up for it? And don't buy me chocolate to satisfy my other addiction. This time I NEED MONEY :)

Journey to a lost world...