Reporting opportunity abroad

I have just come across this project called "EUtopia" and thought I would share it with you, as it is a great opportunity for journalists or photographers to report from abroad.

What is it? "In 2013 we launch our monthly editorial series "EUtopia on the ground", which aims to raise consciousness on the issue of future and fantasy in Europe in times of a major indentity crisis."

Expenses will be reimbursed!

For more information:

Melanie for Venezuela

 I have been waiting quite a while for such a unique opportunity like the Lost World Project. To travel to Venezuela with a team to film a documentary might sound boring to some of you as you think of a boring landscape and a few animals.. but I love travelling and experiencing something new. This is like a dream come true!

Lead, fortune cookies and red underwear

On my way to town to buy some lead, fortune cookies and red underwear for New Year’s Eve, I was wondering whether people in other countries are as superstitious and random as the Germans and Italians.

In Germany we watch Dinner for One, open fortune cookies and melt lead. We predict the New Year by casting the molten lead into a bowl of water and interpreting the shadow of the form it then takes, by holding it behind a candle. It might look like a bottle which means good friendship or like a face which means glory and old age.

However, as my best friend is Italian, he insisted that everyone needs to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve which ensures to be lucky in love in the New Year. But do not rummage through your drawers now- it has to be new and must be bought by yourself.

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