Take a look at this story which appeared in yesterday's edition of the Londonpaper. It's about a burst water main causing chaos around London Bridge. We get par after par on the tragic disruption to GMTV, including the intensely moving details of the weather presenter being (sob!) unable to dry her hair.

Then scroll down to the penultimate paragraph. Where we learn in a throwaway line that Guys hospital would have to cancel some operations because of the power outage.

Modern news values. Ignore the real drama that has impact on people's lives. But give me all you can on the hairdrier horror of Claire Nasir.


It certainly gives aspiring journalists who want to put the world to rights a reality check. The Metro even managed to string the story out further this morning with a description of presenters having their make-up touched-up in torchlight.

Presenters have, in my eyes, only been semi-journalists. And for them to work for their own agenda - looks, makeups and egos - is no rare thing. Unfortunately, they're the 'journalists' that get seen the most by the public.

News values in the age of celebrity