Before his future prospects were boosted by the death of Osama bin Laden, the US President was already in a good mood. His speech to Whitehouse correspondents last week was one of the best he has made. Watch, enjoy.


"I just need to make this clear to the uh, Fox News Table, that that was a children's cartoon, not my real birth video," I think there's more things that need to be made clear to Fox News than that~

So funny. Absolutely hysterical.

IMO not his best speech 

I heard the news about Bin Laden's death from my friends back home right when it was annouced. It hit the social networks fast. Good things come when you stay up till 5am goofing off on break haha.

I watched it live on NBC's website. It was such a great speech too. The reporters they aired in the ten minutes leading up to the speech were absolutely horrendous, maybe that's just NBC.

In the meantime my facebook home feed was filled with "Proud to be American" statuses. Interesting how England and America have been very paitriotic within a few days of each other.

Obama raises a smile