All years please note that revision classes have been scheduled for the Summer term.  These have been entered on the website calendar so please look at this to see what, when and where revision classes are being held.  They may not necessarily be in the room in which they were normally timetabled.




We don't seem to have any revision sessions scheduled. I think everyone in Reporting Conflict would appreciate a revision session before we break up as we have no idea what the exam is about and if it is possible could we also have a convergent revision session please? 

I'm also concerned that there are no classes scheduled for Reporting Conflict/Convergent.

Those two exams make up quite a large percentage of their respective modules and could make a big difference. I know we'll be pretty busy with projects next week but I would happily attend a revision session for conflict seeing as the exam is so early in the term.

And there are big enough question marks surrounding the convergent exam as it is.  


I would also like a revision class for both of these modules. A couple of months ago Richard said we would not be having a revision class for conflict, he then said he would try and schedule one. So  Richard when can we have a class?

Will there be any revision sessions for PWR? 

I have scheduled a revision class at 2.30 on Friday 13th May (!) for this module

Revision Classes Summer Term