Quite an interesting article about the nature of Journalism today - there is a list of all the Journalists who are known to have died this year while doing their job. It actually shocked me that there are so many. 

I'm not sure journalists should be thanked for the roles they play, but I think there is definitely an argument for recognising the risks they take and remembering those who have lost their lives in the fight for gathering and distributing information.



...at the Rory Peck awards. However given some of the public's current perception of journalists I don't think they would react well to journalists being remembered in a similar way to "our boys".

There's a great deal of respect for journalists deemed worthy of it by the public (as evidenced by opinion polls) - for example at the BBC and broadsheets. It's like lawyers - obviously there are money grabbing, unscrupulous ones, just as there are pro bono human rights advocates. We're a mixed bunch, too.

Money and corruption are certainly linked, John. So too are profit and independence. Let us not assume that journalists who seek to make money are necessarily unscrupulous. The profession urgently requires quality reporting that makes profits. Without it newspapers and their websites must surely die.  

Should we remember fallen journalists like we remember fallen soldiers?