Goodbye Barcelona

I have three spare tickets for Wednesday night (14 December) going cheap for the play/musical at the Arcola Theatre in Hackney, Goodbye Barcelona. It is all about the Spanish Civil War and the idealistic youngsters who went off to fight there.  Contact me if you are interested  

Will we learn to love digital magazines?

London Met University are holding an event on 15 November, next tuesday evening at 6pm looking at the future of magazines and whether the digital version can ever replace the glossy physical product. Speakers include Louise Chunn editor of 'Psychologies' and the president of Conde Naste. Free entry and drinks reception. Details are here

Media and War Debate

 This House Believes the media should show the horrors of war, 

This is the title of the debate next Tuesday in Keynes College Canterbury campus at 6pm  (Lecture Theatre 6) With the arguments about showing  Colonel Gadaffi's body  still fresh and the daily dilemmas faced by editors who have to balance taste and accuracy, especially in an era of user generated content and multi platform coverage  - come along and put your  own views.

Seymour Hersh and his lawyer

Seymour Hersh is one of the greatest investigative journalists of the modern era. I have been lucky enough to meet him a few times as one of my favourite cousins was his lawyer and close friend. Acting as Sy's lawyer was a challenging and fascinating role. Decade after decade Sy broke stories, landed amazing scoops, challenged successive governments and held authority to account. Very often he was working as an independent freelance journalist which made the potential legal risks even greater.

In Defence of Politics

Have a listen to this excellent 3 part Radio 4 series which takes its title from the famous book by Bernard Crick 'In Defence of Politics'. It will be especially useful and of interest for the MA class where we will be discussing political apathy and participation next week. And the two episodes about cynical attitudes towards politics and unfair treatment of politicians by the media is relevant to the topic next week in the Power without Responsibility class.


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