Hi guys, 

Conference is at 8:30 am. Can you please send your ideas to us on Facebook or email beforehand so we can go check through in more detail during conference. The programme will be 20 mins and we are going to follow the style of Channel 4 News. We are aiming to include live two-ways and packages but we all know the drill by now. 


Beckah - autocue

Mylo - vision mixing

Kelsey - timing and Reuters International footage 

James - sound

Jaak - playout

Kat - presenter

Stuart - headlines (contact me for more info or q's) 

Can everyone please familiarise yourself with how Channel 4 works and what they do, i.e. timing off of packages and lives. We will ask people to fill in a form stating cue, in/out word, duration, summary of story. This is to avoid confusion at 4:45 pm. 

We will also need all stuff completed  at 4 pm please. Please be back from filming at 12. If you need longer ring one of the editors or execs to confirm. 

Lastly, there may not be enough available batteries on the day for radio mics, so boom mics at the ready if this is a problem or if you have rechargeable batteries bring them if you prefer. 


my email: aef9

Zehra's email: zm50

Third year news day brief