Hi All,

Just some information for you regarding Friday. We will be basing our newsday around the format of the Today programme. There will be a three minute bulletin at the top of the programme and a one minute bulletin at quarter past the hour. We have decided on which two people we would like to be presenters but Lucy will contact you first.

Assessed reporters will need to come prepared with story ideas and possible contacts. If anyone can go to a council meeting please let us know.

Jaak will be in charge of production and Alan will be responsible for the bulletins being written and put together. We are aiming to have a mixture of lives, packages and two ways in the half hour slot, with stories ranging in length depending on importance so this will be communicated to you on the day.

As this is our last Radio newsday [*weeps*], we really want to nail the silly things. So, presenters, please be very precise about your timings and what you say. If it is 5:29, do not say that it is 5:30, say it is coming up to 5:30 or stall if it is near enough to 5:30 to be able to say "it is 5:30". It's a small point but it has been picked up before. Labelling packages also needs to be sharper- communicate the title of your piece to Jaak in plenty of time.

Please be aware of the importance of getting your scripts sorted early! We will be starting to put the script together from 3pm so have your opening and closing words ready for then if you can- you should know the structure of your piece by then so this shouldn't be a problem.

The news team will be responsible for putting together a brief weather and travel bulletin as a buffer in case we lose content and need to make up time. Rob and Becci specifically will be in charge of online content on the day. This means uploading written news stories on the pieces that will be included in the programme. This may also include linking to other relevant information and sites.

Finally, conference is at 8:30am, although me and Lucy wil be in the newsroom from 8am. There will be a 4pm deadline on all pre-recorded content. This is to allow time for a run through. There is also a Facebook message going round so keep an eye on this also. Me and Lucy are both available to contact with story ideas. If you have a story and need to go somewhere early then let me or Lucy know and you will not need to come to conference if we are happy with the story.

We look forward to seeing you all as fresh as daisies on Friday!

Your slave-driving editors,

Lucy and Kelsey


 Anyone that did Reporting Conflict should maybe show up a little earlier as I think Richard wants to hand out the module assessment forms. As news days are the only times we're all together now, it's the most logical time to do it. 

Also.. Go team! 

Third Year Radio Newsday Information