Hi guys, 


We are going to be following the same format as Five Live Drive for the half-hour slot so could everyone please listen to a couple of the shows on the website so that you know how they do live links etc.

The emphasis will be on live material for the reporters to contribute during the programme, and a maximum of two packages so that we can follow Five Live's remit as closely as possible. 

This doesn't mean that you will lose marks because there are not individual pieces as the journalism will still take priority when sourcing material.

Reporters will also be required to write their cues and help in the final preparation

We will have the main stories that we want to appear in the half hour but can everyone please study the news to make sure we haven't missed anything and so that you can present your own ideas on how to develop the story. 

Though Five Live does not necessarily focus on local stories, the same method of applying local, national and international news that we always have done will be appropriate for tomorrow. 

Conference is at 8.30 am (sorry), but please be there for 8.15 am so we can get ready beforehand. 

Rough plan of who's doing what: 


Nick: radio desk and technical

Mylo: Arranging lives for reporters and guests and making sure 

Stuart: Co-presenter

Lucy or Kat: Co-presenter (we'll discuss at conference)

Sports presenter: Rob or Alan (again we'll discuss)


Other roles will become clear when stories are announced.

Any questions please email or text me, Beckah, Zehra or James. 


Year 3 news day prep