The roles for this Friday's Year 3 assessed print news day are as follows:

Editors: Angela Davey, Dean Kilpatrick, Dan May

Executives: James Averill, Ella Copeland, Joe Cladingboel

Assessed reporters: George Ocaya, Melanie Wimmer, Alex Dack, Danielle Cheney, Paul Dunne, Grant Gibb, Sophie Jackson, Sara Malm, Jade Selby, Eva Tsipi, Jason West, Laura Hartmann

News team: Tom Ruzyllo, Nicola Sturmey, James Warner, Sarah Wilson, Alister Houghton, Harriet Robinson

I suggest the editors come to see me at the earliest opportunity.



On the calendar it says the newsday is Radio?

Sorry for the confusion. It is print. I've changed the calendar entries now.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

I've got a few story ideas, but need to know if it's radio or print so I can prepare them!

Year 3 print news day roles