Tim and I are each going to edit a short programme.  Teams are below. Thanks to those who asked to present. In the end we decided the main roles based on who we think will do an excellent job.

We talk to you at 3pm today during Convergent about all this.



Team A

Editor Tim


Studio producer 

Jemma collins



Ben Wright



Sam thompson

Kirsten Ringlemann

Lydia Deichmann


Production team

Mhairi Beveridge

Laura Griffiths

Molly Pike

Joshua Margrie-Rouse

Mara Podaru

Daniel Sampayo

Damilola Sole

Charlie Wahl

Christopher Walker







Team B

Editor Richard



Clarissa Place 


Studio producer

Kieran Watkins



Christine stokes 

Bill topping 

Matt Charles 


Production team

Rebecca Lawrence

Carlo Boffa

Lauren Clarke

Rikki Clarke

Joshua Morl

Emily Magdij

Declan Olley

Lydia Hamilton

Jack Reed





Year two TV newsday on Thursday