If I could magically go back in time and have a conversation with my younger self, there’s a few things I’d let her know. Thinking about it now, there’s probably way more than ten things, but I’ve managed to break it down to the main pieces of advice. Realistically, it’s impossible to jump in a time machine and go back to 2010 but, it’s not impossible for someone else to look at these things and learn from them. So truly I’m not writing this for my younger self, I’m writing it for any person who is going through a hard time and might find comfort in this list.  

The main point I want to get across in these ten things, is that everything is going to be alright, try not to worry. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now in life. Anyway, here we go… 

1)Don’t stress about small things

Everything will work out the way it’s meant to. There’s no point stressing out about the small things which, in the grand scheme of life are so insignificant. Don’t worry about the grade you get on your year 6 SATs test; it really doesn’t matter. 

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2)Use your voice!

If you have something to say, then say it. As a young woman you should be able to express yourself in every way, and your opinion is so important. Don’t be shy in class, if you know the answer to the question then answer it, it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong. Life is a learning experience. 

3)Everything happens for a reason

All of the good and all of the bad helps you grow as a person. The trials and tribulations you might face will benefit you in the bigger picture. It will help you appreciate yourself and others more. Your beliefs and values will grow, develop and change in a natural way as a result of every experience you encounter. 

4)Always be kind

No matter the situation, always treat people with the kindness and respect they deserve as a human being. Whether that person is a bully or a friend, people always deserve your kindness. You should always the bigger person with a rational perspective. 

5)See everyone in your path as a teacher

Try to learn something from every person you meet and every situation you face. Read between the lines and be present in each moment. Take a second to appreciate and value the moment in its entirety. 


This one seems simple, but I think you could do with reminding. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious just breathe through it. Take deep breaths, it’s the most natural medicine. 

7)Don’t feel pressured to know what you want to do 

There is so much pressure on young people to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. I wanted to be a dentist, then a teacher, then a councillor and the list goes on. Don’t worry if you’re not sure yet, its completely okay and normal. You have a long list of experiences waiting for you, take them as they come. Zero pressure. 

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8)Set boundaries and listen to your intuition

Setting boundaries allows you to respect and honour yourself as you are. Never do things you’re not comfortable with. Always listen to your intuition and your gut feeling. As long as you stay true to who you are as a person, you’ll always find happiness. 

9)You’re doing great

You should always try to give yourself some credit. You’re doing a great job, life isn’t easy all the time, there’s ups and downs but you’ve managed to get through 100% of your bad days. That’s something to be proud of. 

10)Love yourself at all times

You’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your life. So, you might as well take the time to unlearn any false narratives in the media about beauty standards. Quite frankly social media is fake and you’re as real as it gets. Love, appreciate and respect yourself in all forms, your body, your mind and your spirit. Oh, and keep drinking all that water it’s so good for you. 

10 things I'd tell my younger self