Australia appears to be struggling to boost its tourism industry, as it was announced on the BBC Radio4 Today Programme this morning that the country's tourism board is set to release an epic romance featuring two of the nation's most famous actors.

The film entitled "Australia" includes X-Men star Hugh Jackman and The Others star Nicole Kidman in the hope of increasing the influx of travellers downunder. However, Australias last attempt to entice people from overseas -the "So where the bloody hell are you?" campaign- was heavily criticised here in the UK for its offensive use of language by a young Australian model in a bikini, and thus became generally unsuccessful despite its adequate portrayal of the Aussie way of life. After all what could be wrong with going to the pub, the beach and having attractive women passing by? Not a bad country to visit in my opinion.

Figures have been dropping since the days of the Paul Hogan boom following the Crocodile Dundee films of the late 1980s and the revival in 2001, the Bogan appeal beginning to lose effect throughout the last couple of decades.

There is something for everyone in Australia, whether it be the theme parks of the Gold Coast, the scenic backdrops of the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru National Park, or Melbournes spring fashion and Sydneys grand structures. Reasons for visiting the great desert island are limitless. Perhaps an advertising campaign aimed at better demonstrating these assests or depicting the Aboriginal history would be a more effective way to increase the numbers.


Of course on this matter I am entirely biased, and am honestly so.


I don't think its because people think Australlia has nothing to offer, I think people even take 'fashionable' holidays now, and Australlia isn't fashionable at the moment. Like everyone was going to Cyprus at one point (granted they still do but people don't make a big thing of it), same with Dubai a few years ago.

And people who take holidays to Australlia (especially from this country) want to stay there, so tourism is down because people just want to move there, maybe. Like Canada, once people see Canada they want to just set up shop there. I have many relatives that now live in Australlia. 

Also, just a theory, like many of my posts. Places as far and out the way like Australlia people only tend to visit once. You don't hear people say "I have a house over in Aus" like you do, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy or Greece etc. It may need a full generational gap before people visit. Say if my parents went when they were younger, they are far less likely to take me and my brother when we were growing up, but I will for sure go for a holiday over there... when im older and so on. I don't know, theres a good chance that is gibberish! ha.

Never have I typed Australlia so many times. 


Good point Rob, i suppose it is a place you visit just once or twice if you are lucky. However i loved every minute of the six months i was there and fully intend to go back a few times, it's amazing.

I'm shocked that the tourism industry is falling over there, i am always hearing of friends and family who have been to Australia or plan to go. There are endless appeals, it must be the number one backpacker destination.

 Well if the film fails perhaps we should all go on a Journalism holiday just to help Australia out....

Australia is so amazing what the hell are you doing back in rainy England, Kat?!

I know tourism in Australia also boomed after Finding Nemo - what a film, duuuude. But this Australia film, bar the fact that it has a rather edible looking Hugh Jackman in (sorry guys!), it looks a bit of a bore... 

"Australia": will it work?