Continuing our open source experiment with the background colour of the CfJ web site, for the next few days we'll be sporting this look suggested by postgrad teaching assistant Laura Garcia.

She calls it 'sexygrey' or 'Ted Baker' grey (I've no idea why).

We'll have at least one other option at the end of this week (and I'm still open to further suggestions), and then you can vote on your favourites.

Meanwhile, is it just me, or does it suddenly feel a bit chilly around here...?


Can we not just have a tiled picture of Richard in drag?

Do I want to know why that was suggested? lol.  

Interesting grey colour but it just looks too plain...and yes it's been rather cold. Maybe an icy blue as the next colour choice? Though it might make the blue for the tabs stand out less.

The colour wheel science says the yellow/gold and blue works on both harmony and complimentary levels. But never mind the science - the gospel according to Coldplay gets it right: "Oh, what a thing for you - and it was all yellow!" 

I'm liking the grey - a lot. Maybe try a lighter shade though - like #b2bbc5 so it doesn't clash too much with the shadow on the CfJ logo. This particular shade also makes the white border on the search boxes really harsh looking, too.
What's wrong with a nice white, as well? 
If you REALLY want to go for a goldier colour, go for something like #b4ae46 - not yellow ... And no pinstripes, please! 
Blue isn't too bad too - I used #badffd
Keep in mind, you've already got the orange highlight colour too - how well does that go with the colours?
Ponder wisely! 
Attached are very badly edited version of what other colours would look like...
Hope everyone is well :)

White with stars
Light grey
Gold (?)
Gold 2 (?)

Thanks Kay,

We'll try the white later this week.

The stars make it look like we think we've won the World Cup five times. (It's a football thing).

And as for your 'gold'.... Well I can't help but be reminded of this....:

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

We haven't won the world cup 5 times in a row? I'm sure the CfJ could, easily. 

Green gold is surely better than peellow :P 


Not convinced by "sexy grey"... It's reminiscent of the old "slate" theme colour in Windows. That can't be a good thing.

While being totally on the fence about colour, can I add a vote for the return of a gradient? It would help this background look less like something bought at a military surplus store... And I think it added a very classy touch to last week's "gold". Plus, if we go for a greyscale gradient we can make poor EL James jokes, like my headline...

Rob is a lecturer in reporting and writing at the Centre for Journalism

I'm finding it difficult to hold the images in my mind!

I'll do screenshots for final comments next week.

Meanwhile, we'll be sporting this white look for the weekend.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

I like white!! 

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