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BBC Radio 2's David Barber has resigned following last week's disciplinary action against offensive prank calls made by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, according to the BBC News Channel.

Barber is the second BBC executive to resign in the past two weeks after last Thursday's resignation by Radio 2 controller, Leslie Douglas.

He will step down from his role as head of specialist music and compliance.

A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that Dave Barber has resigned from the BBC."

Radio 2 will broadcast a 'strongly worded apology' tomorrow, aiming to resolve the 'Sachsgate' affair which has seen Brand resign from Radio 2 and Ross suspended for 12 weeks by the BBC.

This follows 'obscene' messages posted on Andrew Sachs' answerphone referring to his granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, on October 18.

After the resignation of the popular Leslie Douglas, Barber, who produced the famous documentary, Lost Boy - In Search of Nick Drake, with Brad Pitt, has stepped down following 42,000 complaints made to the BBC about the messages.

The BBC's apology, to be aired tomorrow at 10:03 am and 9:03pm on BBC Radio 2, will partly read (according to The "The BBC would like to apologise unreservedly to Mr Sachs, Ms Baillie and to our audiences as licence fee payers."


Good article Stuart. You got there before me! :)

 Is this issue ever going to wither and die? An open-air apology is a ridiculous idea really; there has already been two from both guilty parties, how much more do the Mary Whitehouse reincarnates want?

It is much appreciated. Haha, sorry I nicked your limelight :).

Probably not and most likely the Clarkson thing will rumble on too now, which you mentioned the other day (good article too by the way). It's a shame that people like Whitehouse with her "clean up TV" campaigns have to regulate for the sake of regulation.

I mean, 42,000 people complained - but how many are truly offended? It is true the apology is a ridiculous idea, as it will only provoke greater media response (i.e. on the BBC and this article on the site). But, I guess they just want to draw a line under the issue, although I don't think it will.

The PC brigade are never happy.

This has, by far, exceeded the lines of 'weird' and 'absurd'. This mentality of controlling everything and, of course, the power of the ignorant masses, is absurd. 

At this point, closing down the BBC on their 'twisted principles and improper measures' might not seem unreasonable for the corporate idiots. This has already been taken way too far and such overreaction (a direct result of Daily Mail, like mentioned before) is idiotic. 

Sorry, got a bit carried away.

BBC Executive Resigns