Medway's director of legal studies Lesley Phippen just popped  up to say she'd noticed a caption howler on the BBC's live coverage of the Armistice commemorations. Apparently, war veterans had been laying 'reefs' at the Cenotaph...

I blame Jonathan Ross.


Haha the Jonathan Ross comment was quality, Ian.

I do notice that the BBC News Channel do make signifcant errors on their rolling news. For instance, a few months ago, there was an interview with a woman suffering from the credit crunch and the bottom caption gave the woman's title as Gordon Brown, Prime Minister. It was obviously meant to be for the next news bulletin or the one which preceded it, unless Gordon Brown's had a sex change?

But this is not the first time mistakes like this have been made. I have seen countless examples on the rolling BBC news which demonstrate this. Whilst I think Sky's coverage is pretty polished in comparison but more tabloid-like, the BBC do offer quality news (to an extent), but seem to panic technically.

Although, considering it's live, I supposse they're allowed to make the odd gaffe.

Just don't tell that to the license payer!

Beeb caption howler