Hey guys, my name is Renee and I am a tall girl. I feel like many people don’t know the problems tall girls face on a day to day basis, but in this post, I'm going to tell you the struggles of being a female giant.


I am 5’9, as I know many of you may be wondering. It’s tall but it’s also not, considering I could be much taller. However, whenever I walk into a room, I am usually one of the tallest people, if not girls there. It’s also strange because I wasn’t always a tall person, one summer it just hit me and I have been feeling out of place ever since. 


This brings me to one of the hardships that I face, which is towering over people especially boys (which makes me feel uncomfortable). This I find quite awkward.  

 Furthermore, what I have come to realise is that boys will openly lie about their height, 5’9 on a girl and 5’9 on a boy are two completely different things.

This makes me feel even taller than I am, because a boy will be 5’5 but unprovoked, he will now say he is 5’9.   

Fun fact: I was once talking to this boy online who claimed he was 6ft but when I came to meet him, he was shorter than me!  


This photo literally explains what I mean. 

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I also have a really bad habit of taking photos from an above angle or sitting down, to make me appear shorter than I am. Which I need to stop. As you can see below.



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Another issue is shopping for trousers! It is an almost impossible task to find trousers that have a nice fit and also reach my ankles. I can’t like the average size girl go into New Look and buy jeans because they will be ankle grazers. However, I do have to acknowledge that some shops are being more inclusive, by including tall ranges. But it makes me wonder how girls taller than manage to shop clothes if I’m even struggling. 


Although, I am very lucky in the fact my feet don’t really correlate with my height. My feet are actually quite small (5.5 UK), so I don’t particularly struggle to find nice shoes. Although, I do find it quite uncomfortable when an occasion arises and I am forced to wear heels. Making me taller than I already am! I try to avoid this at all costs. 


A phrase, which I always get and I'm tired of hearing is ‘oh my gosh you should be a model’. You may be thinking what on earth is wrong with this statement. But understand that not every tall person (especially female) is destined to be a model or wants to be a model. We may have other goals in life. This phrase is usually followed by ‘oh my gosh you are so tall’, some tall folk may not be offended by this, but to me your insinuating that I don’t have a mirror. 


The list goes on and on.


How do I deal with it? At the end of the day we have to embrace who we are (I know cliche) but we only have one life. No one else is like me and I wouldn’t be me without being tall. We have to make the most of what we have and be confident in our bodies. Confidence is such a great thing to have. If you’re a tall girl hey!  










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Being a tall girl